Ramadan and Food Safety

Food safety measures should be in place at all times during communal gatherings, i.e. during planning, purchasing and transporting, storing, cleaning and sanitizing, preparing, thawing, cooking and serving.

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Ramadan Fasting and Weight Loss

Fasting during Ramadan is defined as periodic food and water deprivation during daylight hours with free access during the night for the duration of one month (about 29 or 30 days). The number and timing of meals and physical activity typically change during Ramadan.

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Indovate Business Competition 2018

At Indovate Business Competition 2017, we at i3L Entrepreneurship program is seeking student entrepreneurs and innovators with concepts for creative and innovative Indonesian products.

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i3L Food Day

As part of our Open Day event, i3L Food Day was held on 3rd March 2018. In this event we are very honored to have a talk show session with dr. Iwan Surjadi Handoko, Innovation and Development Center Coordinator – Nutrition for Special Needs and Healthy Lifestyle.

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