One of i3L student clubs, Japan Indonesia Intercultural Network (JIIN) recently collaborated with Jakarta Communication Club (JCC) in an event on learning Japanese dining etiquette at Goemon restaurant in Sudirman. The Jakarta Communication Club (JCC) is a language institution that offers Indonesian classes to Japanese expats and Japanese lessons to Indonesians. Throughout the year, they organize cultural events such as homestay programs, seminars on studying in Japan, cooking classes, etc.

As participants, i3L students had an experience in trying authentic Japanese cuisine and the dining etiquette used in Japan while networking with members of the Jakarta Communication Club. Approximately 40 Japanese and Indonesian people attended. JCC and JIIN students were seated together to allow both parties to mingle. The program started with a short explanation on basic Japanese dining etiquette as the meals were being distributed. During the meal, participants had the chance to get to know each other and practice their Japanese skills. At the end of the program, there was a quiz on Japanese food and table manners along with a lucky draw.

Jeremy David Gunawan, a member of JIIN shared his opinion about the event “It was a valuable lesson for many Indonesians who enjoy Japanese food but do not know the proper way of eating them. I learnt several kinds of dining etiquette but what I loved the most was the experience of eating together with other Japan enthusiasts. Everyone was very friendly. I hope JIIN will continue to hold events with JCC, so that we can learn from Indonesian and Japanese members who are experts on Japanese culture.”