Academic Operations has successfully held several different events throughout 2019. The biggest and the most important event held by Academic Operations was the second annual graduation of i3L. On December 7, 2019, the second i3L graduation of cohort 2015 and Master of Bio Management (MBM) 2017 was successfully held in i3L Campus Auditorium. There were 84 graduates this year: 81 Bachelor’s Programs Graduates and 3 MBM Program Graduates.

i3L awarded 7 students the Best Graduate prize. The 7 students are:

  1. Shweta Rani: The Best Graduate of the Master in Bio Management Program (C-GPA 3.47)
  2. Indra Sanjaya Sentosa: The Best Graduate of the Bio Entrepreneurship Program (C-GPA 3.64)
  3. Raechell: The Best Graduate of the BioInformatics Program (C-GPA 3.62)
  4. Nadya Supardi: The Best Graduate of the BioMedicine Program (C-GPA 3.97)
  5. Inge Kumalasari Sudibjo: The Best Graduate of the BioTechnology Program (C-GPA 3.93)
  6. Rosalind Vivia Tansy: The Best Graduate of the Food Science and Nutrition Program (C-GPA 3.96)
  7. Jennifer Kumala Cahyadinata: The Best Graduate of the Food Technology Program (C-GPA 4.00)