i3L proudly presents a two-days course and workshop in Effective Kitchen Management in collaboration with Indonesia Institute of Culinary (I2C)

This two-day workshop is catered towards professionals, chefs, catering services owner, food scientists and graduate students who have an interest in food safety and kitchen management, particularly for the food services industry. Participants will develop the knowledge and skills required to manage a hygienic food services operations by acquiring the understanding of food safety topics such as food sanitation, staff hygiene and food safety, as well as the application of HACCP protocols especially in the kitchen and food service areas. Moreover, participants will also learn the correct food handling practices for the storage of ingredients in the food services industry.

Details of the event as follow:
Date : Thursday and Friday, 8-9 February, 2018
Time : 8.30 AM-Finished
Venue : i3L Campus, Jakarta

Fildzah Alfitri