i3L Career Development Center in collaboration with Learning and Development Division of i3L Student Council hosted a career and job fair event events called CELL (Career Exhibition and Professional Networking). The event was held on i3L campus on 16-17 March 2018. CELL involves 10 speakers who attended from business and also life sciences, such as Tieke M. Said as HR Consultant from WRI Indonesia, Yohanes Sugihtononugroho as the CEO of CROWDE.CO, Indra Adam Darmawan as CEO and Co-Founder of DoctorSehat, William Susilo as CEO and Co-Founder of Gorry Holdings, and much more.

With a total of 10 speakers, CELL was divided into 2 discussion sessions. The first session was entitled “Think Nature: Empowering Life with Life Sciences Technology in the Era of Globalization” a seminar conducted by Matteo Morello, M.Sc., Ph.D. as Academic Director of Affairs from i3L campus and continued by second session titled “Life Sciences: Bridging Imagination to Business Innovation” conducted by Cristina Gomez Suarez Ph.D. as Head Master in BioManagement i3L.

The purpose of this event is for i3L students to learn about work environments and build connections between universities, institutions, and companies. CELL is also become a media for all i3L students to exchange knowledge about their future work environment. Another topic that are discussed in this event were about career, employee standards and qualifications, job variety, way of working, how to build a company. In addition to discussions, CELL participants can conduct question and answer sessions with speakers and fellow participants as well as building connections and networks.