Pharmacy study program in I3L is a world class pharmacy school which trains the students how to solve most of medical problems. Our main goal is to provide pharmacists who have strong background in the research and the clinical applications, realizing that Indonesia has been lacking of high quality research pharmacists. Hence, our program offered several elective courses in research pharmacy, industrial pharmacy and clinical pharmacy. We utilize the triple-helix concept (academia, business and government) approach that strategizes and implements the most relevant pharmaceutical research and development to the community


To become the internationally recognized in Pharmacy education,
research and innovation in 2025
for accelerating national competitiveness and support national growth


To nurture pharmacy graduates that are sophisticated and well-versed in current and future pharmaceutical knowledge and technologies
To build strong research center focusing on developing next generation and top notch pharmaceutical innovations
To implement pharmaceutical technologies and innovation to solve community issues and increase health and well-being of the population


Drug Discovery Based

Pharmacy in I3L is designed very closely to other life-science fields, which allows the creation and discovery of novel drugs, and optimization of existing drugs.

Next Generation Pharmaceutical

There are many more drugs that can be created by pharmacy graduates which belongs to next gen level such as biopharmaceuticals, vaccine/antibody, protein recombinant, New Chemical Entity (NCE), etc.

Broad Career

The students are geared towards the development of his/her careers in various fields, such as community, industrial, clinical, research, etc.



“By studying in i3L, it has presented me with the opportunities to engage with global researchers, a chance to work in top class laboratories and create important network which will help me with my future career.”

– Raymond | Pharmacy 2016

My first impression of i3L, is that I feel like studying abroad. i3L has very competent faculty and staff for very helpful and open to question and ideas.

– Hillary Pharmacy 2016


Our Pharmacy study program has been licensed by BAN-PT






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