The Food Technology at i3L aims to satisfy the needs of the society for sustainable food quality, safety and security. This field applies the principles of science to ensure the manufacture, packaging and distribution of food that is safe, nutritious and attractive.

Students will complete a rigorous scientific curriculum that balance classroom lectures with practical sessions in our state-of-the-art laboratories. The Food Innovation Centre will also allow students to have trainings in our modern, on-campus food processing facilities. We strongly encourage our students to create innovative food products.

Relevant work experience is the key to a successful career in the increasingly competitive food industry. At i3L, we have broad industry network and links with leading research organizations around the world to support you in finding suitable internships that can help you pave the way to your dream career.


To become an internationally recognized Food Technology study program that integrates applied research and innovation in science and technology in ASEAN


To develop competent and skilled graduates who can compete in an international level.
To be acknowledged as an international research center for Food innovation in the application of science and technology.
To build a strong network and collaboration between academic, government, industry, and society to accelerate the application of innovation that has impact on the community


Emphasis on laboratory experience

I3L has the highest proportion of class time spent on hands-on laboratory activities amongst Food Technology programs in Indonesia. At i3L, we focus on cutting-edge food processing technologies to create value-added products for new global markets.

Extensive Industry Network

We connect students with our broad industry network, where classroom theory marries practical application. I3L students are able to secure internships in reputable companies and university research centers.

Food Innovation Centre for Industry

We understand the need for innovation in order to answer the challenges in food production and meet Indonesia’s food security needs. At i3L, we have expert capabilities and state-of the art laboratory as well as pilot plant facilities that can support the innovations of food manufacturing in the industry and small medium-sized enterprises.



i3L students presented their posters at the Institute of Food Technologists Expo 2016 in Chicago, USA

Our students have completed internships in reputable universities and food companies around the world.


“My experience of studying at i3L has been nothing short of wonderful. All the staff and faculty are very supportive in guiding me to communicate ideas that I am passionate about. Most importantly, i3L equips me with the knowledge and skills that are the building blocks for my career progression in the scientific world.”

– Oriana Namira Luqman | FoodTechnology

I have an undeniable passion for science. In order to pursue my passion, I am determined to get the best education I could get. That's why I chose i3L, one of the few institutions that focuses on life sciences and is well-recognized by high-end international universities. i3L opens up doors and builds up bridges for me to prowl after my desire.

– Jennifer Irene Purnomo | FoodTechnology

“i3L is committed to providing world class education, which means we're able to study science not only at the national level; but also at international level. The most interesting thing in i3L is its advanced and modern laboratories for each major. Moreover, i3L has a lot of relationships with other campuses around the world; so, we can gain experience by doing an internship, student exchange or study abroad. I believe i3L is a place where we can develop our skills to be a future scientist.”

– Esabella Marchelene | FoodTechnology


Our FoodTechnology study program has been accreditation by BAN-PT


Shinta Marcella Sugiharto, S.T.P is the best graduate from our FoodTechnology study program. Participated in international competition, Shinta is succeeded to become a finalist in International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST).

As a way to builds her professional network and working environment, Shinta had the internship opportunity at PT. Hale International and also international project experiences at University of Kentucky, USA. Some of i3L’s organizations that Shinta has joined is a charity volunteer in collaboration with Bhakti Luhur Orphanage, and Blood Donation Committee.

As the best graduate in FoodTechnology, Shinta said on her life-changing moment when took internship at PT. Hale International “it was an incredible internship program in which I researched on how to delay the browning process in juices. I also experienced the actual working environment, which allowed me to put theories into practical activities. I realized that I was able to improve my social and networking skills throughout this internship program.”

As a fresh graduate from FoodTechnology program, Shinta is now working at PT. Sayap Mas Utama in a position of Support Raw Material Department (import division).