FoodScience and Nutrition

The Food Science and Nutrition study program aims to meet the increasing demand of a modern population for foods to improve the nutritional status for promoting better health and well-being. Students will undergo a rigorous curriculum studying the essential aspects in the science of food and nutrition, both in class and laboratory practical sessions. Students also have a lot of opportunities to explore their research enthusiasm and talent in a various science competitions and students clubs to be a ‘well-rounded graduate’ in Food Science. The broad network of food industries, universities and research institutions across the globe of i3L will assure the students to have suitable internship and final projects placement. Graduates with solid knowledge and skill on food science and nutrition are precious and are among those of highly sought for by food industries focusing on healthy functions of food.


To be a leading food science and nutrition
study program in Indonesia


Provide high quality human resources for the food industry and other private sectors, government and other public sectors, as well as academic and food research sectors that contribute to the improvement of Indonesia competitiveness.
Establish strong academic and research foundation by emphasizing on food promotion, food regulation, food safety and nutrition.
Carry out community service through the application of the science of food and nutrition.
Build partnership with government, industry and other private sectors, and society to both national and international level.


Outside the Box

We stimulate curiosity, self-exploration, critical thinking, and independent learning capabilities to learn food and nutrition by involving basic and applied sciences from various disciplines. Extensive Industry Network

Food for Better

We explore food functions in relation to nutrition, health, wellness, culture, and evolving human lifestyles.


We are connected to various local and global institutions to prepare graduates in entering the always-growing industries’ demand



3rd Winner of Creatonomics Business Creativity Competition, Malang, 2017.

2016 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, Chicago, 2016.

Animal and Food Sciences, College of Agriculture, University of Kentucky, US


“My 3 months Summer Internship Program at the University of Kentucky, USA, has opened my eyes to the various aspects of Food Science and Nutrition . The experience has helped me grow in the discipline and exposed me to the reality of the work life. Mostly, the internship program has facilitated my growth both personally and professionally. I realize that internship for first year student is rare. So, thank you i3L for giving me the opportunity to experience an amazing internship!”

– Lee Ga Young | FoodScience and Nutrition Internship @University of Kentucky (USA)

“When I saw i3L for the first time I was completely blown away by how great the campus is, not to mention its laboratory equipped with high-tech equipment. On top of that, i3L supports every student with the best faculty from inside and outside of Indonesia, since i3L is an international institute, which is part of the reason I chose i3L as the place for me to build my future. My goal is to be a nutritionist and that’s why I decided to study Food Science and Nutrition so that I could learn more about food and nutrition and hopefully I could help more people with their diet in the future.

– Michaela Maria Kanya | FoodScience and Nutrition Internship @Ehime University Japan Internship @Kalbe Nutritionals

I have great interest in life sciences, that’s why I decided to choose i3L to pursue my future. I fell in love from the moment I stepped into the i3L campus, as I saw the high tech lab, well-qualified lecturers, and a friendly and global environment. I believe this international Swedish linked institute will help me in pursuing my best future career. I love my campus, I love my choice, I love my i3L!

– Prita Ashilola| FoodScience and Nutrition Internship @ University of Kentucky (USA) Internship @Agresearch, New Zealand


Our FoodTechnology study program has been licensed by BAN-PT


Rio Alif Ramzy, S.P. is the best student from our FoodScience and Nutrition study program. On his campus life, Rio has learnt the physical, biological, and chemical makeup of food and the concepts underlying food processing which is the main area of FoodScience and Nutrition program. As a way to apply his knowledge from i3L’s classroom to real-world experience, Rio had the internship opportunity at Kalbe Nutritionals. Becoming the finalist on international competition named International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) is also a highlight of his college days.

Knowing how to work well with a team is an essential skill for any career, therefore to develop his skill Rio was a member of i3L’s organizations such as LUMIERE International Conference project, i3L Career Day Committee, Acapella & Vocal United Club member and Blood Donation event.

As the best graduate in FoodScience and Nutrition, Rio says “The first time I saw i3L was on TV and it led me to secure my place at i3L. I found out that this institute is not just an ordinary commercial campus. i3L comes as a real education body in Indonesia, which supports its students’ knowledge as extensive as possible. Judging from the admission selection, we can see that i3L only chooses the best. The thing I like from i3L is that the facilities and environment will allow me to freely prepare for my career while looking for new ideas and innovation. i3L, keep up the good work!”

Rio Alif is now currently working at PT. Lautan Luas Tbk. as a Development Officer in Food Division.






FoodScience and Nutrition