Biomedicine is a collective name for the biological topics focusing primarily with human health and well-being. Biomedicine’s scope includes analyzing human biological samples, performing research on human and animal disease, participating in the development of therapeutic strategies, such as vaccines, medicines and medical treatments, both in the private industry as well as in governmental agencies. Biomedicine is the central and critical step for drug and therapy design and discovery.

Biomedicine study program offered in i3L focuses on research and innovation that bridge human health research to drug development in collaboration with medical school and pharmacy. Currently, our program offers two specialization streams that focuses on human diseases, which are tumor biology and infectious diseases. We utilize the triple-helix concept (academia, business and government) approach that strategises and implements the most relevant Biomedicine research and development to the community


To become a leading Biomedicine
study program in ASEAN focusing
on research and inovation by 2034


To provide education and teaching based on research and innovation
in Biomedicine with international competitiveness capability.
To disseminate the result of research and innovation in Biomedicine
both nationally and internationally.
To produce Biomedicine academic societies that are capable
of actively contribute to national and international community.
To produce high quality Biomedicine graduates
that are ready to compete globally.


Directors of Human Therapy

Through Biomedicine, we are the first line of designing novel drugs and therapeutic approaches that target human diseases and improving wellness.

BioMedical Platform

i3L conceptualizes Biomedicine as basis of human health study in molecular level and collaborates with other life- science discipline to optimize research and discovery of treatment of human diseases.

Broad Career

Biomedicine thoroughly studies molecular human health and the associated laboratory techniques. Upon its graduation, the students are able to work in many medical settings such as diagnostics, pharmaceutical, clinical, research, consultancy, academic, etc.



i3L students won Indonesian International (Bio)Medical Student’s Congress (INAMSC) Azrina Saraswati Karyadi and Nurulfitri Wisetyaningsih, our Bio Medicine 2015 students as the runner up at the Indonesian International (Bio)Medical Student’s Congress (INAMSC) held by Universitas Indonesia through their review study on “Microglia on Gut Microbiota and Alzheimer’s Disease Relationship”.

Poulina Phangrestu and Anne Gabriel Sondakh: Both are accepted as an interns at Department of Molecular Oncology at Institute of Developmental, Aging, and Cancer (IDAC), Tohoku University (ranked as 2nd best university in Japan).

Giardani Syafitri & Laurentius Nico Wiryadiputra were both accepted at internship in prestigious A*STAR in Singapore


“My 2016 Summer Attachment Program at Teikyo University, Japan, was a wonderful experience. Under the supervision of Professor Takae Hirasawa, I studied autism’s effect on the brain, and extracted stem cells from mice fetus. The first-hand experience in the lab on the topic of my interest — neuroscience — was worthwhile, especially being around professionals who are the best at what they do. I had a spectacular time doing my internship there and I am looking forward to my next summer attachment program.

– Azrina Saraswati Karyadi | BioMedicine
Internship@Teikyo University, Japan
Gold Medal Certificate on ASC, 2015, Thailand

“Last summer i did a summer internship program abroad in Camtech, Singapore. In there, i was given a project to do clinical diagnostic related to hepatitis B, C and also Tuberculosis, i also get a hands-on experience on how to use q-pcr. Aside from the project i also get an opportunity to actually interact with scientist from abroad and also get an exposure to what a working environment would be like if I were take field in clinical diagnostic. Thank you i3L for giving me this amazing opportunity.

– Sulvania Susanto | BioMedicine
Internship @Camtech Singapore @Ehime University Japan

“I join i3L because this Institute has a great learning environment and state-of-the-art facilities. i3L also has strong partnerships with various companies globally which increase the students’ opportunities to have a promising career in the future. During my study at i3L, I wish to expand my knowledge and garner valuable laboratory and research experiences. Furthermore, I hope to have a great career prospect and become one of the leading innovators in life sciences.”

– Giardani Syafitri | BioMedicine
Internship @GIS, Singapore
@Stemcell And Cancer Institute, Kalbe Farma Tbk. (SCI)


Our BioMedicine study program has been licensed by BAN-PT


Giardani Syafitiri S.Biomed, i3L student from cohort 2014 is succeeded in becoming not only The Best Graduate in BioMedicine study program but also the Most Outstanding Graduate of Cohort 2014. During her campus life as a BioMedicine student, Fitri is known to be an active student in a lot of i3L organizations such as Student Council 2016 – 2017 member, LUMIERE International Conference project, Acapella student club, Science Tutor with Home for Reading and Education (HORE), Blood Donation committee and i3L’s Lab Assistant.

One of the biggest achievements from Fitri was becoming a Top 10 Finalist in Osaka University Metabolomics Student Award 2016, and had the international project experiences at SIgN Singapore. To gain her experience in BioMedicine and life sciences area, Fitri had the internship opportunity as well at Stemcell and Cancer Institute, Kalbe Farma Tbk. (SCI).

As the best graduate in BioMedicine program, Fitri said “I joined i3L because this Institute has a great learning environment and state-of-the-art facilities. i3L also has strong partnerships with various companies globally which increase the students’ opportunities to have a promising career in the future.”






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