The BioTechnology program at i3L is uniquely positioned to deliver a world-class education and research experience that will prepare students to be future biotech leaders. Through its interdisciplinary curriculum and collaborations with leading global universities, students have the opportunity to learn from the best lecturers and professors in biotechnology and explore their passion within the various areas of biotechnology. With its strong research portfolio and well-equipped laboratories, the BioTechnology program offers ample opportunities for students to gain real research experience during their study at i3L. Our network of industry and research partners continues to actively recruit top talents from i3L to fill the growing need of biotech professionals both in Indonesia and abroad.


To become a prominent and innovative
Biotechnology study program in
ASEAN by 2034


To conduct teaching and learning in Biotechnology with international standard
To conduct and disseminate research and innovation in Biotechnology at
national and international level
To conduct community service in Biotechnology


Boundless Opportunities

Our interdisciplinary curriculum allows you to
explore and identify your passion. Tap into
the vast opportunities in various fields of
biotechnology: medical, food, agriculture,
environment, and energy.

Vast and Strong Global Network

Our strategic collaborations with top national
and international universities, research
institutes, companies, community groups,
and government open up many doors for
the future

Practical Real-World Experience

Gain real research experience through our
internship and student research programs.
Apply your knowledge and skills to develop
your own innovative biotechnology solutions



International research internship for 1st
year students in Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.

Awarded research grant by the USAID PEER program 2015 for a joint research collaboration with UC Davis: Amadeus Pribowo, PhD.

i3L student presenting her research at the 2nd International Microbial BioTechnology Conference at Unika Atma Jaya, Jakarta.


“I learned from my internship experience that, in reality, successful scientific research requires more than just knowledge in science, but also other factors, such as the business aspect. I gained experience in writing scientific reports, disease analysis, as well as lab reports from a business point of view. I learned how to conduct market analysis to find out how various diseases may impact different countries. From this internship, I have learned about the real world applications of scientific research as well as its commercialization.

– Fahreza Gifari Avicena | BioTechnology Internship @Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

“Studying at i3L has presented me the opportunities to work with global researchers, work in state-of-the-art-laboratory as well as making a connection with important people within life sciences which is important for my future career.”

– Dellamartha Anjani | BioTechnology Kharisma Bangsa School


Our BioTechnology study program has been licensed by BAN-PT


Geofanny Facicilia, S.Biotek is succeeded in becoming the best graduate from our BioTechnology study program. Pursuing her interest in BioTechnology area, Geofanny spent her internship time in Sinarmas SMART and Eikjman Institute.

Concentrating on campus work is obviously important during a graduate program, but giving oour mind a break is necessary and beneficial, therefore to develop her soft skills Geofanny was a member of some of i3L’s organizations such as charity volunteer at Bhakti Luhur Orphanage and Blood Donation Committee.

As the best graduate in BioTechnology program, Geofanny said “i3L is awesome and is the only institute which can help me to reach my goal in life sciences. I am fortunate to be able to join i3L as their student. In Addition, i3L has many wonderful staff and faculty members and is equipped with advanced research facility which is totally awesome. Having said that I have faith in i3L becoming a leading institute in Asia in the near future.”

As a fresh graduate in BioTechnology program, Geofanny is now working at Prodia Stem Cell.






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