This program is the first mover, as the first bachelor bioinformatics program in Indonesia and the first in ASEAN region catering for global future needs. As scientific accelerator, our program ensures the integration of IT platform and life sciences, enhance research, and enable big data analysis. This program offers personalized experience, to ensure that our boutique learning experience indulges the student in a customized and unique scientific journey


Becoming an excellent education center and
innovation of big data according to
international standard in Bioinformatics area.


Providing and developing Bioinformatics education to prepare the skill of graduates in retrieving, analyzing and presenting biological data effectively.
Improving Bioinformatics research quality through national and international collaboration for developing the science and the technology in Indonesia.
Increasing the activity for community service in Indonesia which corresponds to the research and the educational result in Bioinformatics area.


More job opportunities due to a multidisciplinary degree in life sciences and informatics

Our interdisciplinary curriculum blends the life science with informatics knowledge without forgetting each unique essence, opening the career path in life sciences (biological scientist, forensics, etc), informatics (data scientist, data manager, etc), or both. The increasing awareness and need of bioinformatician in Indonesia and the world also open the career path in reputable industries and companies.

International exposure with student exchange and master-feeder

I3L collaboration with reputable universities around the globe ensures student’s education is as broad as possible. The student can choose to do an internship overseas during their study; from Singapore (Genome Institute Singapore; CamTech), European countries (Hasselt University, Belgium), Australia (La Trobe University) and much more. Master-feeder program for our graduates prepares them to face the world at the next level because we know fortune favors the prepared ones.

The computational research-driven study program in life sciences

With the blend of life science and informatics technologies, our research is unique and sophisticated. The student will be trained to sharpen their analytical, research, and programming skill to draw the “golden needle” from the big data “haystack” with only their computer in their disposal. This distinctive opportunity is not felt in other bachelor programs as we are the first-mover in ASEAN



Internship @ Camtech Singapore, La Trobe University, Perdana University, and A* Genome Institute

Best-10 Finalist of Osaka University Metabolomics Student Award 2016.

I3L student win Gold Medal on International Conference for Young Scientist (ICYS) 2015


“My 8-week internship (Winter Attachment Program) at LA Trobe University (LTU), Melbourne, Australia provided opportunity to experience both dry and wet lab work, which was very rewarding for me as a future bioinformatician. I was able to comprehend better the bigger picture of the science I have been learning. From this experience, I feel more equipped with the right skills and attitude to tackle upcoming courses and also tap into many research opportunities.”

– Muhammad Fachrul | BioInformatics 2014
Internship @LA Trobe University, Australia

“I am convinced that i3L will make changes to the future of academics in Indonesia. It is because of their self-initiated programs and their dedication towards bringing up the concepts of research, especially in the field of life sciences. i3L brings about new fields for students to choose, which not only helps them in promising careers, but also in gaining vast knowledge. The complete and high-end facilities at i3L give the students the advantage of studying with proper laboratory equipment and accurate research practices. i3L actively works together with various institutes all around the world, giving the students global exposure and preparing them for the international world.

– Nausheen Bhat | BioInformatics
Internship @CamTech, Singapore


Our BioInformatics study program has been licensed by BAN-PT


Having an interest in data science, analytical skills, data management, programming skills in life sciences area has made Muhamad Fachrul S.Bio.Inf, the best graduate from our BioInformatics study program. With the knowledge he got during his college days, internships are a great way to apply the knowledge from the classroom to real-world experience and Fachrul has a lot of internships opportunities, such as Genome Institute of Singapore, La Trobe University Australia, and University of East Anglia, England.

Participating in a club or an organization based around our particular area of study will give us practical experience within that field, as for Fachrul, he was a member of i3L’s organizations named Movie Club, Creative Media, a charity volunteer at Bhakti Luhur Orphanage and Dream Warriors, Mangrove Plantation project and was a Lab Assistant as well.

As the best graduate in BioInformatics program, Fachrul said on his life-changing moment when took internship abroad, “The opportunity gave me a much better understanding on the real-life applications of bioinformatics and how they improve the efficiency of scientific researches. The opportunity also opened doors for me to meet different individuals with different backgrounds, whose insights really broadened my horizons. From this experience, I realized how beneficial it was to do internships and similar activities early in your academic life.”

Fachrul is now a Ph.D. candidate at The University of Melbourne.






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