The BioEntrepreneurship program is designed to develop students’ fundamental management skills and proficiency in the language of business. Students will also be trained on creativity, innovation, and business foresight so they will become well-rounded entrepreneurs. Further, students can also gain international experience to broaden their perspective and network by participating in our international programs.

Skills that we develop in the BioEntrepreneurship program are applicable in creating viable businesses that can go international. This is what set us apart and why we believe the BioEntrepreneurship program is the choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.


To become a leading and innovative Bio Entrepreneurship Study Program of Life Science product with direct impact in improving national quality of life and competitiveness that is reinforced through academic connection and global practice.


To deliver internationally standard of inter, multi, and trans- disciplinary education in Bio Entrepreneurship of Life Science Product
To perform research and development entrepreneurship of Life Science Product in collaboration between institution, government and business entrepreneur.
To develop good quality and advantageous innovation in Bio Entrepreneurshipof Life Science Product for the improvement of Indonesian quality of life


Graduate and own a Business… Guaranteed!

As an BioEntrepreneurship student, you will have the chance to develop and execute a business plan with your fellow students. Financing will be provided by i3L, as well as guidance and mentoring. This startup will be owned by you and the other founders. This unique opportunity offers a hands-on experience in setting up, owning and operating a business. International exposure with student exchange and master-feeder

Collaboration with the most reputable entrepreneurship schools in the world

i3L collaborates with reputable universities of the world such as University of New South Wales in Australia and Arkansas State University in United States. You can study abroad for a semester in one of those universities without paying additional tuition fee.The computational research-driven study program in life sciences

360-degrees Entrepreneurship curriculum

At i3L you will learn all aspects of managing a business, becoming an entrepreneur, minimizing risks and improving your creativity and innovation. This uniquely comprehensive curriculum is your recipe for success in your career as an entrepreneur.



i3L students won the 1st place at Healthy DessertPreneur competition at the University of Indonesia for their innovative product Tamarillo yoghurt, a healthy yogurt that is rich in anti-oxidants.

i3L students won the 3rd place at Creatonomics Business Creativity Competition (CBCC) 2017, hosted by Universitas Brawijaya Malang. Their Innovative watermelon noodles were chosen following a rigorous selection process involving 180 other proposals.


“My internship experience at PT. Kraft Ultra Jaya will help me in my career after graduation. This experience has given me many learning opportunities. I learned about the overall operation of the plant, the management of problems, and their prevention in the production process. I was also involved in the company’s ISO internal audits where I learned about audit procedures and explored areas where improvements can be made. Lastly, being immersed in the company’s culture that promotes safety, quality, and continuous improvement has inspired me to constantly pursue my self-development.”


– Fairuuz Xaviera BioEntrepreneurship 2014
Internship @PT. Kraft Ultra Jaya


“Being the first of both research and educational institute in Indonesia that has strong collaboration with Sweden, studying at i3L gives me the opportunity to meet excellent professors and have relevant lab experiences. I fell in love from the moment I stepped into the i3L campus, as I saw the high tech lab, well-qualified lecturers, and a friendly and global environment. I have no regrets joining this amazing institute. I would like to recommend i3L to those who are passionate about life sciences & business.


– Sabrina Tjandra | BioEntrepreneurship 2014
Internship @PT. Merck Chemicals and Life Sciences


"It's NEW, it's original, it's only in I3L. I truly believe the BioEntrepreneurship major at i3L will create job opportunities in the future. Here, we are not only learn about business, but also will be equipped with lots of projects that can increase our level of creativity and innovation. Additionally, I will get amazing experiences that I wouldn't get from anywhere else. It's not just business, it's BioEntrepreneurship."


– Jayne Salma Cross | BioEntrepreneurship 2014



Our BioEntrepreneurship study program has been accreditation by BAN-PT


Vanda Gabriella Singing Glory Oeripto, S.Bio.K, the best graduate from our BioEntrepreneurship study program. Joining a student organization presents many opportunities to learn more about yourself, your goals and your strengths, as for Vanda, she also has a lot of organizational experiences in order to support her skills not only in academic knowledge but also in non-academic area.

Vanda was a member in i3L’s Students Council 2014-2016, a volunteer at a charity event at Bhakti Luhur Orphanage and Blood Donation, last but not least she was also experienced on i3L’s Laboratory Assistant Training Program. Not only in organizational experiences, as an i3L student Vanda had the opportunity to do an internship outside i3L, which is Mayada Hospitals.

As the best graduate in BioEntrepreneurship program, Vanda said “Here at i3L, Students are encouraged to explore their area of studies in a very interesting way by combining their education with real industrial and business projects. It is very intriguing aspects that made me choose to study at i3L.”

Continuing her future, now Vanda is working as a Risk Advisory staff at Deloitte Indonesia.