School of Business currently offers Bachelor of BioEntrepreneurship and Master of Biomanagement. Bachelor in BioEntrepreneurship is a unique program as Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) is the only institution in the world offers this program. Two minors are offered in Bachelor of BioEntrepreneurship: Creativity & Innovation and Business Foresight. We have exchange agreements with University of New South Wales (UNSW) and University of Arkansas. Currently, we are finalising an agreement with
University of Queensland for double degree program.


To become a leading and innovative Business School of Life Science product with direct impact in improving national quality of life and competitiveness that is reinforced through academic connection and global practice


To deliver internationally standard of inter, multi, and trans- disciplinary education in Business of Life Science Product
To perform research and development Business of Life Science Product in collaboration between institution, government and business entrepreneur.
To develop good quality and advantageous innovation in Business of Life Science Product for the improvement of Indonesian quality of life
To build sustainable relationship and collaboration/cooperation with reputable international university